I love being your Mum

I love being your Mum

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Adrian's Field Trip Report : Elmer The Elephant Live on Stage

We had a good morning on the 4 March 2011, at PJ Live Arts, watching Elmer the Elephant, performed by the Blunderbus Theatre Company, based on the children's book by David McKee.

Here's Adrian's report on it:

Elmer The Elephant

by Adrian Ghani

Mum and Cahaya's Mum got tickets for us to go to the theater. We watched Elmer the Elephant. I had an Elmer book when I was younger. The actors chatted with us before the show. We had the front seats.

Elmer make an appearance

Elements of shadow play

There was lots of singing and dancing and we got squirted by a water gun. Elmer wanted to be the same colour as all the other elephants, instead of patchwork. I enjoyed the show very much.

Nelly, the 200 year old matriarch

Elmer and Baby Lion as he was off to look for the
Elephant Coloured Berry Bush

After the show we went downstairs for ice cream.

The Last Polka's Nutella Ice Cream at the Bee cafe