I love being your Mum

I love being your Mum

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Blame The Boi

Adrian and his Kiromboi caused a small storm in KL this afternoon

Kiromboi (rain maker) are a hand held percussive instrument of the Bidayuh people of western Sarawak, in Borneo. They are made from two giant snail shells that are attached to the ends of a split bamboo stick so they lightly touch each other. A small stick is passed quickly between the snail shells so they rattle against each other producing a sound remarkably similar to that of the local frogs.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Adrian's Field Trip Report : Rimba Ilmu, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

We joined a guided tour of University Malaya's Rimba Ilmu on the 16 February 2011. The guides from the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) took us through the botanical gardens and we ended up visiting the exhibition hall.

Here's Adrian's report on the field trip:

Walking in Rimba Ilmu
y Adrian Ghani

Today we went to a botanical garden. It was a bit like a forest. The guides explained about different plants to us. There was one with flowers from the tree trunk.

We were allowed to touch some seeds and fruits like the til seed and the forest mangosteen

There was also a tree with a red tree trunk and the bark was peeling off like paper

After walking in the garden, we went into the exhibition hall.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 : The Lion Dance

Every year, in London or in Kuala Lumpur, we have always looked forward to our annual Lion Dance to celebrate the festival of Chinese New Year.

Adrian had been looking forward to it and was prepared this year, with a pair of ear plugs!

This year, we not only had the Lion Dance troop visit our residential development, but we had the two lions pose with Tuah and Adrian!

Adrian and a lion's head before the performance

The drum, gong and cymbals

Adrian and his friend, Yuki

Here's looking at you

In action

Not just pigs that fly!

Acrobatic lion

Adrian wondering if the lion has fleas

Friday, 11 February 2011

Adrian In The Her World Cookbook Special Edition (Volume 77)

It was an honour to be invited by Rohani Jelani to have Adrian as a junior chef in a special class which also served as a photoshoot for the Her World Cookbook, which took place on 4th May 2010 at her beautiful Culinary Resort, Bayan Indah.

Here are some of the photos taken during the photoshoot

Rohani helping Adrian tie his apron

Students diligently watching and listening

Adrian and Rohani at a food processor. Note the camera through the window

Preparing the bread for the meatballs

Sauteing the fragrant ingredients

Adrian having a bit of fun

Getting ready to shoot the cover picture

This must have been take number 237

One of Adrian's creations

The Lil Chef

Kids run off to play in Bayan Indah's beautiful grounds

Table setting

Sampling his tasty sneaky meatball and pasta dish


Adrian recently saw Ghani's and my wedding photo for the first time and was quite amused. He actually asked, "Oh, so you and Dad are married?"
Adrian’s Field Trip Report : The Greatest Show On Earth: A Circus Story

Venue : Shantanand Auditorium, The Temple of Fine Arts, Brickfields, KL

Date :6 Feb 2011

The Greatest Show On Earth: A Circus Story

By Adrian Ghani

Mum bought tickets for us to go to the Circus Story. Dad came too. It was not a real circus. It was like a concert. Some of my friends were there. The actors wore colourful costumes. There was a lot of singing and dancing. We had a snack break and I played with my friends. After the show, Mum took a photo of me with some of the actors